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Export Finance: £3k - £150k

Export Finance: £3,000 - £150,000


What we offer                                  

We deliver loans which range in value from £3000 to £150,000 with the following criteria:


  • Term: Up to 5 years
  • Security: Personal Guarantee
  • Interest rate: 8.00% -15.00% per annum
  • Fees: 2% arrangement fee and 1% p.a. monitoring fee 
  • Bank Decline: Yes


The Greater Manchester Export Fund (GMExF) is a programme of loan support designed to help SME businesses, across the ten local authorities, to significantly increase export sales.


Who is it for?                                   

Aiming to assist businesses in Greater Manchester looking to trade overseas for the first time or expand their current levels of trade. Applicants have access to a team of International Trade Advisors through DIT if appropriate to develop their export strategy.

Support is targeted at SMEs who, due to their lack of export history, small scale or perceived high-level of risk, cannot access export finance from other sources. 

Loans provided by BFS can be used for working capital or as cash support to enable clients’ bank to issue tender bonds, advanced payment guarantees or performance bonds.


More than finance

Department for International Trade

Department for International Trade (DIT), with its team of expert advisers located across the globe, can help you fulfill your international ambitions.


idg are organisational development specialists and official IIP partners and work with businesses to improve performance, development and growth.


MIDAS is Manchester’s award winning inward investment agency. Its strategic aim is to secure significant levels of new investment and employment for Greater Manchester.