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Proud To Be Part Of The Growth Company
26 May

The publication earlier this month of the annual Interbrand Best Global Brands report sees Apple and Google topping the list for the third year running, with Microsoft, Samsung, IBM and Amazon all claiming places in the top ten. 

All of these brands have transformed or improved our lives and the dominance of the sector continue to show just how big a role technology plays in our work, rest and play.

This is why tech businesses are one of the most popular investment choices for Angels, a trend that our own Co Angel syndicates have borne out.  The tech sector in the UK is heavily reliant on angels, with two thirds reporting angel investors as a source of funding in 2013 compared to 41% of American start ups. 

Financial technology is also proving to be the most lucrative sector for angel investment, delivering the highest growth of any industry, according to the 2015 UK Business Angels Association report.  Around 28% of these investments are out-performing expectations, delivering a better return than property, food and drink, and transport companies.

For any tech company seeking investment being able to demonstrate that your business works is key.  Yes, investors need to see your figures, plan and projections but every one of them will be more excited by early traction, growing website visitor numbers and a tried and tested working concept. It doesn't have to be perfect – it just has to show that that your tech business or idea will be a potential hit.

Our Co Angel investors take a portfolio approach to funding technology start ups, spreading their risk across a number of businesses. Tech is an exciting, fast moving and volatile industry where fortunes can be made or lost overnight. Which is all part of the appeal of course!

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